children’s eyecare
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Children’s Eyecare

We are local opticians dedicated to caring for young eyes and promote the importance of regular eye examinations for children.  The eye examination performed by Carterton Opticians is more in depth than just visual screening.

Regular eyecare is important for all children for several reasons:

During the eye examination the Optometrist will ask a few questions with regards to general health, any family history of eye problems and will check a number of things, including:


The Optometrist will also use a variety of instruments and tools to ensure their eyes are developing normally.

For depth perception (Stereopsis) the Stereo Fly Test is used.


Its purpose is to measure your 3D vision

For colour vision we use a book of coloured plates – The Ishiahara Book


Its purpose is to test for red-green colour deficiencies using a series of circles of dots appearing to be randomised in colour and size. Within the pattern are dots which form a number visible to those with normal colour vision and invisible, or difficult to distinguish, for those with a red-green colour defect. This is the most common colour deficiency.

For children who may not yet know their letters, we can use a different test chart.  This is usually one with animals or basic shapes commonly known to them.

clip_image008 clip_image010

If your child does require a prescription following their eye examination, we have a fantastic frame range for children and teenagers alike.

They are all manufactured to the highest standard and frame styles include acetate plastics with vibrant colours and durable metals like stainless steel.  Practical features include sprung joints and adjustable nose pads for the perfect, comfortable fit.

As independent opticians we have the freedom to source different frame styles and being fashionable and practical we have a growing reputation for having a wonderful selection of frames to suit all needs and budgets.

There are some frames and lenses available completely covered by the NHS voucher, otherwise prices start from £9.95 including the voucher.  We recommend enhancing the lenses with a hard multi coat for supreme vision and durability of the lens surface – the coating is £25.00 and is well worth the cost.

Spare pairs are also recommended and can be purchased at the voucher value + frames + lens extras.

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