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Your eye examination

The key to good vision is having thorough, regular eye examinations. Their importance cannot be overstated because they provide an essential health check as well as helping you see better with an up-to-date spectacle prescription.

Everyone’s eyesight is different, so we tailor the eye examination to you as an individual.
The eye examination is not only about finding the correct prescription for you but will also include further examinations appropriate to your needs and the clinical judgement of the Optometrist.

To make an appointment electronically please email appointments@cartertonopticians.co.uk.

History & Symptoms

We will ask a series of questions about your health, your family’s health, your work and lifestyle. Some eye conditions are health related so it is important that we find out if you are taking any medications that could affect your vision.

Spectacle Assessment

If you currently wear spectacles we will assess the prescription, the optical power of them, check your visual acuity and assess the correct fitting of them for you.

Intraocular Pressure

pulsairUsing a non-contact Tonometer – the “puff of air” test. This is an important test that checks the pressure inside the eye as high pressure can indicate early stages of glaucoma.

Visual Field Screening

visual fieldThis test checks your central and peripheral vision. It can detect glaucoma or other neurological conditions.


This is a very important part of the eye examination as it checks the health of your eyes. The instrument, an ophthalmoscope, is a hand held piece of equipment that shines a light through the pupil. The Optometrist can have a thorough clear look inside the eye to determine the ocular health of the lens, retina and optic nerve. Possible ocular problems could be glaucoma, cataracts or diabetes.


sight test 1sight test 2This part of the eye examination uses another hand held instrument called a retinoscope which contains a multitude of tiny lenses which provides the Optometrist a very good guide to your actual spectacle prescription. The results of which are fine tuned by the Optometrist asking you to read the test chart through different strength trial lenses. Each eye will be tested individually then both eyes together.

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